Friday, 9 December 2016

Room 3 do the "Mannequin Challenge"

This may seem a bit silly (it is!) but this challenge has been trending online for awhile now so we thought we'd give it a try!

Tabloids & Athletics Day

Miss Watson didn't manage to get any photos of our Tabloids event (relays, hurdles, javelin, etc) but here are us doing the running races. We are proud of ourselves for giving it a go and trying our best. We had fun cheering for all our friends.

Tent Day

Tent Day was a blast. As well as playing in our tents and with PE equipment on the field, we also played some outdoor games, made leaf & stick art, learned some first aid, and made s'mores!

Water Fun Day

On Water Fun Day the junior syndicate participated in a bunch of different water activities on the field. Miss Watson was on relays. Here are the pics she took:

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Visiting the Life Education van

We have been learning about being a good friend and being a team player with Harriet and Harold the giraffe from Life Education. We discussed what qualities are important, not important and unwanted when looking for a good friend. We played some games that helped us develop co-operative and communication skills. Harriet read us a really cool book about bucket dipping and bucket filling. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fun in the sun

Phoebe can pose while hula-hooping!
Yes, Miss Watson joined in!